(Credit : Australianroboticsreview.com)

Apple truly is and will be the mother of all technological advancement and that is why is stealing the show with every new advancement. As far as the artificial intelligence is concerned, Apple is leasing from the front and burning midnight oil for offering the best to its customers. Its official and awe-inspiring artificial assistant Siri is making everyone amazed and is part of Apple TV now apart from other gadgets.

The fascinating thing about Siri that drive fans crazy is that being an exemplary artificial assistant, it sends messages, dial calls, make important reservations, and also other amazing undertakings. Moreover, the user-friendly operation and easy ways of talking to Siri make it a sweetheart kind of choice.

The best use of Siri can be seen in a vehicle that support CarPlay or Eyes Free and thus will easily hold down the voice-command button on your steering wheel and will make Siri to perform. Moreover, Siri is also stealing the show with its location service and help users in tracking locations such as home, or workplace.

With gender voice setting and language setting,lots of your daily routine tasks can be performed at an ease.  The innumerable choice of languages also makes it an amazing and no.1 choice for users.


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