(Credit: idigitaltimes.com)

For years, Apple has been following a pre-planned schedule for the release of its iPhone and that is why a lot is always expected from it whenever a new phone’s release is on the cards. The coolest thing about their phones is the insane amount of fervor that is attached prior to its release. The recent offerings for fans are the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that arrived on Sept. 25 and cast spells on fans.

The craze of “iPhone 7” has been wild and we are expecting a lot more than expectations from the iconic company that is famous for some magical offerings for years. The latest buzz about iPhone 7 is that the company is planning to spill the beans when it comes to the release of iPhone 7. Although, the exact date of the release is not known, still, the news that has been word on the street now reveals something new. According to sources, iPhone 7 may get released in the same date range in which the fourth generations of iPhone were released.

Apple is also working hard on the development cycle of “iPhone 7” and trying to make it happen soon. As the next-generation iPhone would be completely different when it comes to design that is why the development team is burning the midnight oil in this regard.


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