April Ryan; Lady in the Shining Armor

April Ryan, a 49 year old American Urban Radio Networks’ journalist had a heated argument with White house Spokesperson, Sean Spicer. The disagreement according to Sean Spicer was instigated by April Ryan, when she asked President Donald Trump’s secretary press some very straightforward but hard-hitting questions regarding Russia.

When asked about this Sean Spicer; spokesperson for the White house clearly negated that there was any association between Russia and President Trump’s Administrational Authorities.

Failing to answer when repeatedly questioned on this topic, Spokesperson Sean Spicer reportedly told the journalist to stop shaking her head.

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump met Condolezza Rice in 2006 and reportedly abused her by calling her a “bitch”. April Ryan continued interrogating Sean Spicer regarding this issue, that lead him to going ballistic on the renowned journalist and accused her of disrupting Whie House’s image and blaming her of being adamant on misleading people into believing that President Donald Trump is not working in the best interest of people of the United States of America and when April Ryan nodded by shaking her head in this regard, Sean Spicer snubbed her saying I am going to answer your question and resumed by saying stop shaking your head again.

April Ryan, an African American, who is a lady of color, has faced a lot of backlash from President Donald Trump’s administration, well this is not the first time and there have been issues in the past as well, since Trump’s administration is known to snub people off when they cannot answer pretty straightforward questions.

Last she faced the arrogant and rude behavior was in February Press Release, she inquired the President of United States Donald Trump about inclusion of Black Caucus Congressional members into meetings and debates about Urban Agenda.

April Ryan’s simple question faced an utterly disgraceful remark By Donald Trump asking her if the members of CBC were her friends to which the competent simply replied in negative.

This time she faced the rude behavior at the hands of the spokesperson Sean Spicer, who is known for his short temperament and defending Trumps administration members, after all that is what he is paid to do.

Ryan’s very public spat with Sean Spicer raises a lot of questions about President Donald Trump’s administration and their relationship with Russia.

It is said that there is a high possibility of conspiracy in the 2016 elections and involvement of Russian officials as reported by FBI. A large group of democrats asked for recusal when White House Intelligence Committee Chair representative, David Nunes had a meeting regarding investigation related to Russian officials’ Election involvement.

Well, Hillary Clinton to April Ryan’s salvage, since losing the election to Donald Trump now President of the United States, Hillary had made her first public speech in which even though she did not name the African American journalist, April Ryan. She made a clear point that a lot of women are facing indignity at the hands of President Donald Trump’s aide Sean Spicer.

Sean Spicer hit all time bottoms when asked about Russian Officials’ involvement in Election 2016 and told Ms. April Ryan to not shake her head and joked that the only Russian President Donald Trump will have in the evening will be Russian cream salad the people on twitter and social media responded to this mocking Spicer for his lewd remarks.

Well this is not the first time something so degrading has happened under the administration of President Donald Trump; this is now becoming every day activity.

President’s aide Mr. Sean Spicer needs to learn how to respect woman and not act defensively when asked pretty straight forward questions after all this is his job, he needs to be convincing enough both to the people and to the President of United States of America.

Ms. April Ryan on the other hand is a woman of courage and color who has gained immense love and following despite her public spat with Sean Spicer and facing a lot of backlash from Donald Trump’s supporters, who think she has an agenda and just wants to ruin President Donald Trump’s image but if that is the case why is Sean Spicer being so defensive and why is Trump’s administration degrading people of color and mocking them.

This has enlightened the audience with a lot of questions to think on

Is the Trump administration in any way connected to Russian Officials?

What was the role of Russian Officials in Election 2016?

And last but not the least

Why does Donald Trump object to inviting the members of black Caucus to meeting on Urban Agenda?

Only time can answer all these questions but for now we will just sign off by praising Ms. April Ryan for her courage and blunt attitude towards racism and corruption.