April the Giraffe

After weeks of waiting April, the Giraffe finally gave birth to the newborn. The news is confirmed from the caretakers of  Harpursville, N.Y.’s Animal Adventure Park, where she lives with her mate, Oliver.

Excitement for baby is increasing day by day from February.

Female giraffes typically gestate for 15 months on average. She was around 15 to 16 months pregnant, according to park officials, so she was slightly overdue.

Some social; media persons were frustrated for waiting.

She has been in one month of labor before she gave birth to her baby calf. For some people, it wasn’t a worth watching news. They say someone ahs to stop this.

April the Giraffe

The authorities say that the baby is in good health now. Although the father oliver hasn’t seen his baby yet. There were news that due to over gestation the baby might have complications but baby seems to be hale and hearty.

April’s baby is like a gift of nature.

After waiting for a specific period of time now the baby is here.

Normally, the giraffes gestate for 15 months. But for April it was now the 16th month. The authorities are taking a good care of the baby. The mother April also seems to be in good health.

The news of April’s baby was already in the social media. The new born has made everyone’s heart melt. He is so adorable and attractive.

More than 1 million viewers have seen the baby coming into this world.

It is a natural phenomenon. But the birth of the little one has engaged everyone. People out there are praying for his good health . Millions of wishes are coming worldwide.

People out there are very excited to see the April’s new born coming to life. They are waiting for this little calf to grow faster and live his life. People seem to congratulate April and Oliver on having such a lovely baby giraffe.