April Fools Day 2017 is here
April Fools Day 2017 is here

April Fools Day is here to bring a smile on everyone’s face

Tada! Saturday, April 1st, 2017 will be a fun ride for everyone, think of all the pranks, jokes and every crazy thing you plan on doing to your mates since everyone is cool as it is April Fools’ Day! Oh wow! Now that rhymed.

Today we will walk you through all the crazy things and practical jokes you can play on your mates but be safe and try not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

April Fools Day 2017
April Fools Day 2017

Let us talk about what the tech companies have to offer this year since April Fools’ Day marks as the annual prank day worldwide any by companies such as Google, Amazon and our slow but always there to amuse us buddy Microsoft.

April Fools Day
April Fools Day

This year Microsoft is offering Ms Pac-man, let us be very honest we have always loved this game and would definitely want this as a permanent addition to our gaming list. When you have nothing better to do have all the fun by playing Ms Pac-man but this year there is a slight twist Google Maps will play Ms Pac-man with you.

Hahaha, the joke is on you folks!

Next in the line is Amazon’s Echo’s Petlexa, this is a very interesting and unique technology well you must have come across applications that could respond and change human voice into animal ones but have you ever come across such an app that responds to animal voices? Well now you can with Amazon’s Echo’s Petlexa


Google Gnome!

That is like history repeating itself all over again just when you thought you were happy and sufficient to keep your parents busy they decided to play a practical joke on you and gave you a younger sibling; someone who snatched away all your attention. Google home just faced by the hands of the creators of Google who have launched a new voice assistant Google Gnome.

Sad life for Google home!

Next in the line this April Fools’ Day is the stories that every app has been going blizzard about, it started through snapchat and then every app, I repeat almost every application followed this trend and launched stories. Latest to join this trend is Kik. 

How could we miss out on Flickr’s latest addition to comments? Gif comments, well what do they say everything is centralized and I guess that is what is happening here. Every application is following the same trend. It is like the dooms day of tech world is here. Hahaha, that was not funny though I love to exaggerate.

This was all from the tech section let us get on board and discuss the best and worst practical jokes and pranks that you can play on other and make them go crazy.

Gift your friends a taste of Burger King’s whooper burger all day long by giving them whopper toothpaste, it tastes like a burger but works perfectly fine as a toothpaste interesting but gross be sure to eat a lot of fresh mint before making out with your beloved since you do not want a whooper breath while kissing them now do you?

Krispy Kreme plays a practical joke on it Britain consumers. There was a viral story doing rounds on social media that Krispy Kreme has changed its name to Krispy Cream in the United Kingdom, since the Britain residents have always mispronounced Krispy Kreme as Krispy Cream. Since it was agitating for the company’s Chief Doughnut Officer, imagine someone calling you by wrong name every single time so he finally thought why not change the name to what people actually want it to be?

April Fools Day
April Fools Day

Hahaha! Well they succeeded in playing this practical joke since everyone believed it.

Next in the line is Starbucks who have played a genuine practical joke on me and the funniest one in past 10 years! Doesn’t matter how many times I spelled my name to the guy on counter he still managed to misspell it but amazingly today for the first time in past whole decade he got my initials right.

Hahaha and he had to do it this week. I get it, nice going Starbucks guy with the weird moustache.

So these were some of the practical jokes that have been cracked on numerous people throughout the world, do let us know if we are missing out on some of the jokes that you have come across and you think are super funny and will make everyone around you go all gaga.

This April Fools’ Day make everyone around you all smiles but remember to not hurt them physically or hurt their sentiments in any ways. Spread love as this world is already a very bitter place, with this message we sign off Adios!