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The recent terror attacks have turned out to be so nightmarish and have scared the whole atmosphere. An intense need is felt for demanding from the tech companies that they should work out things and help law enforcement agencies to be able to access encrypted communications. However, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, came up with a staunch take on this issue. The iconic CEO added that there should be no compromise between privacy and national security when it comes to encryption.

The CEO further added that in order to protect their personal data on their smartphones, especially the health and financial information and also intimate conversations with family and co-workers and possibly business secrets.

The stance from Apple CEO came straight after U.S. President Barack Obama disclosure that he would impulse hi-tech and law enforcement leaders to use technology to escape from justice. Furthermore, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey has also asked for a debate on encryption of communications and has expressed that now t is the utmost duty of hi-tech site to take their part in keeping people safe.

However, Apple’s CEO has also expressed that if things can go really serious; we are ready to disclose specific information that is requested. However, he completely rejected it in the case of encrypted communication and also said no to the backdoor policy over encryption issue. Let’s see how the big guns and the government officials sort out this matter.


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