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The coming Monday that is 21st of March Apple is planning to organize an event where several new products of Apple will be launched. There are several gadgets to come like a new iPhone, an iPad and many more gadgets like health watch etc. these announcements could be involving a few updates of an earlier session organized six months ago. In that declaration the devices announced were the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and an expansion of Apple watch design along with the updates of iOS. The same thing is expected in the coming sessions yet the only thing that differs from the previous arrangement is that Apple is planning to release a smaller iPhone, smaller iPad Pro, and iOS 9 update.

Though the world is shifting towards the bigger phones enclosing a larger display to meet daily needs yet Apple ain’t going that way the new iPhone to be released would be around 4 inches and is named as iPhone SE rather than iPhone 5SE or iPhone 6C. The phone to be released might have a smaller size, besides lacking in size the phone ain’t gonna cheap and a low-end device yet it would be a mixture of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S in terms of specs and a body of iPhone 5. The new coming member of the family had some amazing specs to be considered like powered by an A9 processor, having a perfect 8 megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing the camera. The phone is also equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and also supports NFC. The only feature that the upcoming phone iPhone SE only lacks a single feature that the new iPhone SE lacks over iPhone 6S and 6SE is that 3D touch is missing. Apple is planning to take this thing only for these Phones. Apple also updated the touch screen for the newer version the edges are quite rounded very much similar to those of 6 and 6S; creating a look much different than 5 and 5S. Besides this, an interesting phenomena related to the phone is that it will be announced in all range of colors grey, silver, gold and rose gold.

The very next thing to be considered is the iPhone SE’s price, it is believed that the new phone will be announced at the price about $450. The reason has a valid argument that the iPhone SE will be sold for the price equivalent to those of iPhone 6S the phone will only for those who want a phone high in specs rather smaller in size. In spite of releasing the iPhone 6C this year, iPhone planned to release a smaller version with equivalent specs thus, therefore, the cell phone is to be named as iPhone SE or Special Edition rather than iPhone Mini. It is considered as an enhanced version of 5S and the system is getting momentum for the sale of the particular phone. However, for most iPhone users there is a more interest in iPhone 7 than iPhone SE. may the odds be in the favor of this new phone.


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