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ICloud is the proud software of Apple but in the recent months, it has been facing some problems. It can be clearly seen that, it is becoming the necessity of people to upgrade their iCloud storage. From numerous sources, reports are appearing that Apple has or will sign up with Google’s Cloud Platform to help control its own cloud storage facility.

Some reliable leads like “The Financial Times” and “CRN” both presented detail documents that Apple has contracted an agreement to run portions of iCloud on Google servers. This deal could be costly and will be conducted as much as $600 million.

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It shouldn’t be a big revelation as Apple at present is running the service on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as well as within its personal data centers. But there is somewhat major problem or massive crisis, because there are no other reason why Apple has to depend directly on their rivals to control its own services.

If you want to know the truth, there is nothing more entertaining than Apple trusting mainly on rivals to help power their services. Those rivals aren’t even making a profit off the deal. It was also heard that that Amazon was taking a loss on its AWS deal with Apple. Apparently Google isn’t anticipating a profit from this deal as well.

There’s dissimilarity between not making net revenue and not making a gross turnover. Some of the theory also go with this thought that: “They don’t have to rely on competitors but they choose to.” Apple has the money to justify all of their own needs within if that was what they decided made the most sense.

Some experts gave their opinion about this problem, the sum up of their thought is accordingly: “They’re moving to Google not because they can’t cover all personally, but as you’re expanded your territory across many cloud services they are, you’re less focus to discrete outages, and able to dynamically scale operation based on where you’re presently getting the best price.”

There is a major concern spreading all over the US of what is really happening. Surely, these contracts all have straight prices, but they’re typically using at least this much or you’re going to owe it anyhow, give-and-take for concessions for operation. As long as they use minimum of their contract amount, they can easily drive all the remaining of that traffic towards Google Compute Engine when it is inexpensive to do so. This might be a logical and economical decision rather than last stand of Apple.


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