Apple is brand that needs no introduction but a few people know about what was Apple. If Apple was really started by only two guys in a California garage might be true or not, but what’s sure is that the revolutionary computer maker become consumer electronics sharks in the market and comes a long way.

At start for four decades after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak work hard to turn computers into a device that anyone could easily use, Apple surely has become the most appreciated brand all over the world, with some of the most fruitful products ever made. Apple has formed numerous industries, from computers to music and this doesn’t ends here as its previous employees after learning a lot set out to revolutionize and make new technology trades for all the fields from initiative software to smart thermostats.

Apple has always focused on making sophisticated, very easy and built-in products we never even think to use before.

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Apple’s starting career fame rise from the Apple II computer, and it also tried to turn up with the Lisa but early Apple was more reliable with the Macintosh. The Mac was introduce as a research project that kicks in late ’70s with only four employees before converting into  Jobs’ personal project by January 1981.

Apple always pushes the limit of their employees. Initially Apple employees, most in their 20s and 30s, were given immense account abilities.

Susan Barnes

Said our motto was: “Let’s just do it. Find a way and don’t be afraid of the consequences.”

Again in an interview Susan Barnes said when he comes to Apple in 1981 as financial supervisor of the Mac division.

“Steve used to have a saying, ‘We hire smart people to tell us what to do, not hire them to tell them what to do,”

After that Jobs hired John Sculley at the start of 1980s to help him raise his company. Sculley was actually the CEO of Pepsi and assisted it overtake Coca-Cola as the topmost beverage manufacturer. Jobs not ably influenced Sculley to take the CEO post at Apple in 1983 by inquiring if he plans was to “sell sugar water for the rest of his life” or if he desired to “come with me and change the world.”

In 1985, Jobs left the “Apple”and started his own new company “NeXT”, a new computer business dedicated on computer unit for universities, commercial organizations and other industries. At start the computer didn’t sell well as PCs running Microsoft Windows were the most prevalent brand at the time but still “NeXT” had very stimulating software.

A point came when Apple was about to close. Microsoft at that time didn’t just unsuspectingly help out Apple. It also capitalized $150 million in the business in the 2007 to keep Apple in the game as it was definitely going out of business. A deal has been struck out, where Apple made Microsoft’s the second best Internet Explorer with the default browser for the Mac. Gates also settled to design upcoming versions of Microsoft Office and development tools for the Mac.

Now Apple becomes the necessity from an 8 year old to 80 years old.


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