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Siri is totally a mesmerizing offering from Apple and the artificial assistance has truly been taken to new horizons. If compared with Windows and Androids, the artificial assistant of Apple is truly exceptional. Moreover, a lot is expected from Apple in the future as far as the new features and upgradation of Siri is concerned.

However, there is also a bad news for most of the users in certain countries. Here, it is to be mentioned that Apple products have universal appeal and that is why all of the users love to have access to all its facilities. The latest declaration from Apple is that only users from eight countries would enjoy Siri facilities on Apple TV. This news has spread a wave of discomfort among the fans and that is why criticism is making its waves from different corners.

According to the sources, Apple has put this limitation on Siri due to some accent issues and the Apple team would have to train its virtual assistant more prior to its release in the other countries. For Apple, the most important thing is to understand accents prior to allowing more customers to use it. The problem can be more intense when the users are searching for shows or movies on the set-top box.

The sources at Apple have confirmed that for now, only TV owners who are belongs to the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Japan would have access to the Siri Remote. Once the problem of accent is figured out, the Siri remote would be made available to users in the rest of the countries soon.

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