(Credit: Apple.com)

With Apple TV getting new updates, it has really become difficult for the competitors to match the class of this new offering. The coolest thing about this new version is its speed, user-friendly and free of technical defects. Although, it is also a fact that other competitors had already included these features but the class with which Apple has included these features in its TV is exemplary and flawless. With its availability in other devices has compelled us to say that it cannot be termed as revolution yet a step leading to it.

There were so many rumors about this upgrade and once Apple launched this new update, we have to say “bravo” to Apple for this unique feature. The inclusion of App Store and a microphone-equipped remote for voice search is the main highlights of this update and has keep it in line with other giants Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Although, everything is not perfect with this update as the Remote app for iOS is not able to work with the new model. Here, you will have to go for entering passwords through one letter at a time and there is still a lot to update in order to figure this out.

Something that makes Apple TV the odd one out is Siri. The Siri Remote is undoubtedly the most amazing hardware change and with a new remote having a touchscreen it looks astoundingly smoother and can be helpful if mistakenly picked with the remote being upside-down. The Menu button has been relocated that takes you to the home screen by default.

Overall, the update is receiving positive reviews.


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