Another major player of IT and electronic appliances is HP. Over the years, HP established a routine of competing with Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Air lines; HP considers its newest laptops are surely control the market and will be their gateway for the spot of design leadership in this industry. Some reliable sources and journals confirmed that HP is launching a new premium laptop in this week.

HP PC chief Ron Coughlin stated that: “For years, Apple has been seen as the innovator and the driver of innovation, but now HP is really taking over that mantle.

This has surely made a strong impression on the market the consumer demand seems to have a positive response on this claim. It’ is surely a daring statement to make, however HP may feel more strong by the response and demand its business get form Elite book Folio during the Consumer Electronics Show three months ago. That laptop design shows about less than half an inch in width and HP is anticipated to go much slimmer with this week’s inauguration. These models are definitely slimmer than Apple’s MacBook, which already made an impression of almost as shrill and light as a tablet. This is a big question for the coming days: Whether reducing a few more millimeters can make a difference or not?

HP’s confident and aggressive talk is an inspiring sign for rivalry in standard laptop design. A big game or revolution between these rival companies can be seen clearly, as at the same pace when everybody from Lenovo to Microsoft and Apple also, there is continues shifting. Now Google is designing hybrid and transformable models and Dell has declared itself as the leader among conventional Windows laptops with its prime setting XPS 13 line.

People are not looking for a high tech machine; they just want to have easiness in laptops that just work as a laptop. That is why Apple presented the reestablished and basic MacBook last year. HP is making to create an improved effort with up to date hardware for its customers.

The promotion plan for HP new launch during the International Luxury Conference in Versailles due’s tomorrow;but it appears that HP’s new laptop doesn’t prove to be a mass-market appliance. A NPD expert Stephen Baker claims this statement to the WSJ:

The challenge for doing really, really thin and light products is it’s a very, very thin and light segment to go after.”

Despite all this drama and controversy, HP thinks it might be worth it just to take it to the next level considering the higher stakes its claim as an invention and design leader.


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