(Credits : indiatimes.com)

As we know Apple frequently steals the show with marvelous patents that it files with the passage of time prior to its new offerings. The number of patents under Apple’s belt is so exceptional and that is why Apple has been appreciated by millions across the globe. The new feather in Apple’s cap is the awe-inspiring patent that the company has filed with the Patent and Trademark Office.

There were rumors about the new patent; however, the recent registering of New Smart Strap at the Patent and Trademark office has transformed rumors into reality. This truly is an amazing offering from the Apple and it in many ways will make the smart wearable phenomena as amazing.

Through this astounding patent, you can easily enjoy the smart strap that can be stand-alone device and with its own chipset, you can easily enjoy the best features. Moreover, with still in the development process, a still lot is expected from the company regards to this fascinating device.



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