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Both the devices i.e. Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6C would be the most amazing offerings from Apple and that is why an intense anticipation is observed in case of these devices. As far as the new iPhone 6C is concerned, the 4-inch display device would undoubtedly be one of a kind and will be aimed to reach every income range. Moreover, as the first-generation Apple Watch won laurels for its unique innovative features and applications, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to feature its own camera, and also sleep tracking and sensor technologies.
The fascinating thing about the newly mesmerizing iPhone 6C is that it will have all the coolest features like rest of the flagship iPhones. Moreover, while featuring a smaller screen, this device is set to introduce a new trend as far as small display screens are concerned.
It does seem that the iPhone 6c will have more color options than the regular line of flagship iPhones, however. A good number of people still want a smaller screen and are not that comfortable with 5-inch phones, which is the normal size for screens nowadays.
As far as the design of iPhone 6C is concerned, the latest news is that the phone is expected to be similar in design iPhone 5S. Moreover, as far other features are concerned, the A8 chip will be used which is comparatively a nice option.
According to the latest news, the Apple Watch 2 will also feature a new device that would be featuring Wi-Fi router triangulation technology that will help tracing the new gadget at an ease.


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