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The last year was a memorable one for Apple and the technology giant has offered fans with so many amazing gadgets that turn out to be so amazing and chart-busters. Moreover, there were also some of the devices that were introduced to the market as its first installment and of which, some of them created huge spree.

Along with other offerings of the last year, Apple Watch turn out to be the best one out and ending up being one of the most amazing devices of the year. The technological features of this wonderful device turned out to be so amazing and received appreciation from fans and experts alike. The fascinating thing was that the device was available at mouth-watering price of $100.

Furthermore, the introduction of Apple Music can also be considered as a coolest offering from Apple. For this first time, Apple come up with not a simple one but instead tried so many things in this app.

As far as mobile phones are concerned, iPhone 6S is truly a marvelous offering and an amazing gadget that enjoyed so much acclaim and praise due to its wondrous new features such as 3D Touch. In addition, it also sold out so many copies and thus turned out to be handset of the year.

In addition, the inclusion of Siri voice search to the remote in Apple TV was such a wonderful phenomenon and thus turned out to be the best innovative feature of the year.

Let’s hope 2016 turned out to a more successful year for Apple.



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