Apple iMac
(Credits: Wired)

A recent report suggests that Apple might also be preparing for the release of new updates for its iPad and Mac devices.

Many speculate that Apple is working on a couple of new Mac devices, the likes of which should be revealed by the end of the year. True or not, a newer, refreshed version of both the MacBook Air and the iMac are long overdue, and would be a next logical step for Apple to take. Fans can also expect to see collaboration with tech giant LG on a new 5K computer monitor.

Taking into considerations reports made earlier in August, we should also expect the new MacBook Air to come with a Type-C USB port, much like the 12-inch MacBook Apple released earlier this year. Also, a new graphics chip manufactured by AMD should be available in the new iMac devices.

An update to the MacBook Pro should also be expected, as some say a new, thinner Mac is on the way. Supporting a digital function key row, it should change according to the application that’s currently running.

Something Apple’s also been working on is new features for the iPad. Both Microsoft and Samsung have continued to improve the styluses used with their devices, and the newest updates to the Galaxy Note 7 made Apple realize they are way behind their competitors. They are now focusing on enhancing the functionality of the Apple Pencil, better integrating it into the software, and expanding its use to apps such as iMessage and Mail.

Although it might look like a ludicrous amount of updates and changes, every publication so far suggests that only a handful of those will even hit the market before the holiday shopping season.


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