Apple MacBook Pro 2016
(Image: CNET)

There are definitely a whole lot of fans excited for this year’s next Apple event, after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were released and made a big hit, the same is expected by fans who are more interested in the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 which might just come out soon. There are high hopes from these fans that the spotlight will shine on the new Apple MacBook Pro 2016 during the said event.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is indeed one of this year’s most wanted Apple devices. There is even a report by BGR that the laptop will have a lot of great improvements including new functions like the OLED function key which will be located at the upper portion of the keyboard that will replace the use of the FN keys that were implemented on past Apple laptops. There will also be shortcut keys that will make application access quick and easy.

It is notable that tech giants usually prepare for the holiday season by releasing new devices to the masses. That being said, it looks as if Microsoft also has something up their sleeve. There is a possibility that Microsoft will also be launching the Surface Pro 5 as per MacWorld, and it looks like the big launch for Microsoft will happen before the Apple event mentioned above.

Moreover, there are rumors of the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 having a new security feature much similar to what the latest iPhones have, the fingerprint scanner, hence a fingerprint login ability. The laptops may as well adapt to this new trend. Speaking of adapting to new Apple trends, will the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 follow suit on totally dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack for good? Like how it was done with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Let us know by dropping your opinion in the comment section below!


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