iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
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The Apple loop also included thoughts and opinions on dual-lens camera, headphone jack removal, updates to old models of iPhone and more.

Apple Loop here is a reminder about few of the many discussions that happened around Apple last week. The disappointing thing is that the iPhone 7 continues to be predictable, and there are no new surprises.

The release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus made big news, which was expected. The leaks and rumors which became prominent in August were true – design factor resembles iPhone 6/6S families, the headphone jack is gone, new home key feature, 16GB internal storage is also gone. Now your storage options are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

The iPhone 7 is being powered by A10 Fusion chip, which is Apple’s new processor. This new chip comprises of four computing cores – two high-efficiency cores and two high-performance processors. According to Apple, the A10 chip is 40 percent faster and more efficient than the previous A9 chip. In the new chip, Apple has built six – core-GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which is 50 percent efficient and faster than the A9 chip’s GPU.

If you are habituated to the look and feel of iPhone 6S families, then you will not find much change in the design of iPhone 7. It is roughly similar. Apple’s design typically gets updated every two years, but it has given it a miss this update cycle. The most noticeable thing in the iPhone 7 is that the antenna bands have been concealed on the back. The phone now comes in an attractive jet black glossy finish accompanied by gold, silver, softer black and rose gold.

If you have high expectations from the update and if you were expecting something different from the iPhone 7 then you will most likely get disappointed. It’s a boring update after all.


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