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It is true beyond the shadow of doubt that last year was the most successful one for Apple and that is why more and more is expected from the iconic company in 2016. The company is stepping into new ventures this year and that is why, we can expect more wondrous technological offerings.

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding device of this year would be iPhone 7 as the hype is reaching new extremes regards to iPhone 7. The announcement form Apple that it would be a completely re-shaped, re-scheduled and re-organized device is enough to create more excitement about this device. In addition, iPhone 7 mini, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6C is also going to make this year a more exciting one for the fans.

The announcement of Apple Car was shocking news for us, however, just like the last year; Apple would also be silent regards to this new offering like the previous year. Moreover, this technology packed self-driving car is expected to be a masterpiece as other giants have already stepped into the industry.

Apple is also working on new version of Apple TV that is expected to have more features and will obviously be a new offering that everyone would love to have in their homes.

Moreover, the announcement of second generation Apple Watch is working on the second generation watch that is scheduled to be released in 2016. This watch is expected to feature the most innovative technology specifications and has therefore, already made spree.

Let’s see how this device turns out to be!




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