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That’s not going to be the only thing changed in store next year!!

By the start of 2017, Apple might be planning to ditch some of its charger cords with a vision to charge next-gen smartphones through the air.

The Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is known to have a track record of authentic Apple hardware predictions, told 9to5Mac over the weekend that he beliefs next year’s iPhones would charge cordlessly.

This wireless charging strategy would really make a difference in a long run.

The technique which was rumored to be on the way last month could be a game changer for smartphones and Apple.

Instead of placing a phone on a wireless charging pad and plugging a phone into a wall mounted electrical outlet the owner would be able to power up his/ her phone over the air.

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Features wise Samsung is considered to be ahead of Apple. Samsung and Google already use wireless charging pads for their smartphones. This facility featured by the companies is a bit different than what Apple is trying to provide.

Owners of Samsung and Google’s smartphones require a Charging pad or a wireless medium to charge their phones but Apple is trying to provide “Device free” charging, means no charging pad would be required for powering up iPhones.

The technique might be called as “near-field magnetic resonance” by Apple.

This can be considered true because according to a company patent application from 2010 that has been working on for years.

That means in order to power up an apple device it should be placed nearer and fairly close to another power supply for instance a Computer.

Kuo claims that Apple is going to have a lot of changes by the year 2017. He said cordless charging isn’t the only change in store for the 2017 Apple’s iPhones.

He expects they would also feature a new body. The new body he defined would be “Palm-friendly curved body having a glass back and an active matrix organic LED screen, which is both thinner and better when it comes to the battery life of this phone.

Kuo further said that the future iPhones could have facial recognition or eye recognition.

The forecast sent Apple rumor mill swirling just one week after Apple introduced its new iPhone SE. The new iPhone is smaller in size, it is 4 inches long.

But the phone might not generate good revenues as Apple has been generating through earlier iPhones.

A new study suggests that company would sell around 4 to 6 million of the smaller phones this year in the United States.

Only time will tell what Apple has up its sleeves. Apple has clearly dominated its rivals and stormed the mobile phones industry with its gadgets but since the rival companies have been progressing a lot let’s see how apple tackles this situation and wins the race.

Features wise Apple is also progressing a lot. With the 3D touch introduced in iPhone 6s Apple has clearly spread the message that future iPhones would have some classy features too.


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