Apple iphone 8
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Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series and Apple fans are expecting incredible innovations for the Apple iPhone 8, including rumors on it being out of Zirconium Ceramic, and be equipped with a hyper-advanced camera. 

These rumors were actually ruled out by Apple’s product designer Greg Koenig, saying that it was not possible for a new model to be made out of Zirconium ceramics. Although the Apple watch was made of such material, the same is just not possible with the iPhone. Koenig had this to say to Forbes:

“In fact, if we scale the numbers used in the booklet up to iPhone-sized devices and cycle times, Apple would need 2 football field’s worth of kiln space for each ceramic iPhone to sinter for the requisite 36 hours. For the 2 hours of hard ceramic machining to finish the case details, Apple would need to go from 20,000 CNC machines, to 250,000. They would need another 200,000 employees to perform the 2 hours of hand polishing to bring out the strength and luster.”

As for the Hyper-Advanced Camera rumor, this one is more likely to happen, since there are two new patents discovered by Apple Insider that back up this rumor tremendously. The said patents are suggesting a camera module with very advanced and capable of capturing light in an effective way. If this camera will be made into reality, Apple may just make a folded design to integrate this new technology into the system in order to have everything in the iPhone 8.

The big anniversary is coming soon and it is likely for Apple to celebrate the iPhone’s years in existence with a bang, in the form of the iPhone 8, with a super advanced camera.


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