Apple iPhone 8
(Image: Macworld UK)

Although the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have only recently released, there are already reports about the iPhone 8 lingering around, some say that there will be a brand new design for the new iPhone 8, including an all glass screen that has a built in light sensor.

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to flaunt an all new design that will have the entire face of the device be the display. The Cupertino-based company has reportedly applied for numerous patents that will allow them to place the fingerprint scanner under the glass surface.

Moreover, Apple iPhone 8 will also be removing the physical Home button that has been present in most iPhones to date. The removal of the Home button will make the edge-to-edge display for the Apple iPhone 8 possible, the last to consider will be the bezel located at the top of the phone. The said bezel is actually for the front-facing camera of the iPhone line, also the front speaker, proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor. If the Apple iPhone 8 will remove the bezel as well, all he mentioned features will have to be placed under the glass, which may cause a few performance issues.

As for the material the phone is built with, the Apple iPhone 8 will have an aluminum frame with the revolutionary wireless charging function as well. The Apple iPhone 8 will also carry on the use of the AirPods. There are a few reports that say that the Apple iPhone 8  may be made out of a ceramic material, though it seems unlikely at this point.


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