Apple 'iPhone 7 Plus' Review
Apple 'iPhone 7 Plus' Review

‘iPhone 7 Plus’ Review

Apple 'iPhone 7 Plus' Review

The annual development cycle phone is a bit like Groundhog Day, but takes place in a single day, it is carried out for a year. It’s not like in the old days when you expect surprises when a new phone goes behind the curtain, then you’re in for a disappointment. No, everything is laid bare in the past few months by the tedious spicy notes of all the information To dispel the masses.

Rumors and leaks begin to appear at least 12 months before its release, often longer, and when it finally arrives, almost all the more stable, consistent and often rumors are repeated (the best suited a free entry reinforce and harden). And these rumors and leaks now cover almost all the specifications and functionality of the most careful detail.

Call it a conspiracy, if you will, or maybe it is just a case of cause and effect, respond to the meeting request, but something and we are not quite sure what changes in the industry in recent years. This is something that means there is a huge spider web analysts, commentators, consultants, moles, supply chain insiders … and the rest, hiding and willing to provide highly detailed information at all times. If it is something worth knowing, the network has its fingers there ready to retreat.

As expected, the iPhone and iPhone is on July 7 plus essentially what we’ve been reading for a long time. They look like last year models, just twisted interior, an impressive new camera and a pair of new color options like “Jet Black” and “Black”.

No phone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack that sucks despite Apple‘s claims rather than “brave” to remove it. Apple’s solution, is an adapter that ships with every iPhone and iPhone 7. July units.

Apple says it has sold its iPhones billions since 2007, which is impressive. The rate of introduction in recent years was downright crazy. But this party to an end. As we saw things earlier this year, but still very respectable start to slow down.

Tim Cook began to dip dip in 2016, but that is expected. Apple’s MO main event was just to show how many brands is now associated – brands like Nike, Pokemon, Nintendo and … James Corden.

Apple has decided to change a three-year cycle of hardware meets a lot of resistance. Many think the design language iPhone iPhone iPhone 6 7 and 7 Plus are based on are tired and need an update. If you agree with it it is completely subjective. Personally, I do not care how they look, but certainly not buy one of these now because I’m much more interested in the Google Pixel XL – but that’s just me.

Apple has implemented some fundamental changes, but for most average consumers struggling to say the iPhone iPhone 6s Plus 7 Plus – and even the iPhone 6 Plus in the event. And here is the problem: Apple’s switch to a cycle of hardware 3 years, which is pretty good, but apart from some important changes in the image and performance, here is not much excited about the scene very excited.

This is the rate I expected the iPhone 6 to 7 Plus 7 iPhone and iPhone to follow like a S. Do not update any clumps integer that are traditionally the most innovative versions for Apple, with the new design attributes and advanced technology .

I like that iPhones are now waterproof, which is a strong gesture from Apple, but I can not help a lot of people feel upgraded models of 6s in particular feel disappointed by what is offered here. These are some great advantages, such as camera and waterproofing, but in addition, it feels almost like the same device we’ve seen published in the years 2014 and 2015.

And that is not something that one expects from a company that claims to be the most innovative brand of technology.

Apple knows what its users want, he said, and he knows how to give it. For this reason it is the largest technology company in the world. The distribution of the features between the iPhone and the iPhone on 7 July Plus, however, getting bigger and bigger. That is, with the exception of size, I can not think of a good reason to not take advantage of the standard model. Example: for the first time, model iPhone model 7 exceeded the standard model of the iPhone in July.

This is important because it shows not only a runtime within the traditional base of Apple users who warm to the idea of the biggest phones, but also illuminates how important that consumers see cameras on their phones. Apple says the iPhone 7 Plus is the best camera that you have created. If this is the case, it will be described in detail later.

We have already given our verdict on the standard iPhone 7, but for those who want a great screen experience, 7 Plus is likely to be more interesting. We will cover the most important differences between the brothers and sisters in this review, but we will not get many details on the items that are common to the two mobile – you refer to these items on our iPhone 7 review.

IPhone 7 More Review: Design & Display :

7 Further, you share an almost identical design down to the smallest model, with the only significant difference – outer dimensions – is the fact that it has a dual camera configuration on the back that we cover later in this report. In any other respect, it is simply a larger iPhone 7, so we advise you to consult the review for more information.

Needless to say, the iPhone 7 plus has a larger screen than the standard model. Its plate LED background lighting is 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is a jump of 4.7 inches screen, 750 x 1334 pixels in the smallest model. A 1080p display on a phablet is not as impressive in 2016, and many small Android phones have sharper screens. However, as was the case with the iPhone Standard 7, it is impossible to choose individual pixels, so it is not a big concern. The panel is brighter and better color reproduction than the one observed in the iPhone 6S plus, the fans should give reasons to update existing iPhone.

However, next year, however, things are interesting as the one of Apple moves in the AMOLED panels, which will bring a number of advantages for iPhone or iPhone 8X or whatever is called by the phone year is less important a bump In resolution QHD.

Like most things iPhone 7 display technology in the program here is so pretty par for the course. Apple has made some adjustments and improvements in the overall quality of the disk that is expected, but faded the Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel XL compared to the on-board screens.

IPhone 7 Plus Review: Hardware specifications :

iPhone 7 Plus Review Hardware Specifications

As for the technical specifications, 7 plus an exact match with the iPhone 7 from the RAM. The larger model has 3GB, while the smaller version 2GB has to be honest, it’s hard to notice a real difference in the use of everyday, although the extra gigabyte needs a smoother performance in the 7 must ensure long term.

The powerful A10 Fusion chipset is a kind of animal, and we have not been able to stutter or stumble during the reporting period. It is so good.

Apple has a great weekend silicon in their phones and the iPhone and iPhone 7 7 plus are no exception. The A10 chipset is the most advanced in the world at the moment chipset – nothing that Apple can do with this chipset.

But as design, this bump in the performance only kind of fade from into the background. For most consumers, it is not an important feature, such as the iPhone and iPhone 6 6, before it was also quite extraordinary in this regard too. In fact, in the past three generations of iPhones, I do not remember anyone told me they were enough in the performance department not powerful.

The A10 is also more efficient, but in my opinion, the battery life of the iPhone 7 is a long-term, is quite similar to what I experienced in the iPhone 6s and more iPhone 6 Plus before. It’s good to look solid and look through a whole day with heavy use, but compared to what I’m regularly in my Pixel XL, there is nothing at home.

Iphone 7 Plus Review: Camera :

In addition to the screen, it is one of the most important areas in which 7 plus-of the iPhone differs 7. It has the same objective as 12-megapixel -mate small block, which allows an opening of f / 1.8 OIS really effectively low lighting. However, 7 plus includes a second tele 12 megapixel, f / 2.8 optical zoom lens that works x2 and works together with the other chamber gives impressive a realistic depth of field.

When you take a picture, the phone uses the data from the two lenses to create a depth map and then a “bokeh effect” is ready to delete the background and make the subject even clearer. While the effect is artificially up to a degree, is convincing – and this with normal means would reach an expensive DSLR camera with a wide aperture, so Apple has reached here is remarkable. The telephoto lens also lets you take a breathtaking view of macro, and if you’ve taken a few shots with 7 plus, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without their face.

Iphone 7 Plus Review: Audio :

iPhone 7 Plus Review Audio

So yes, the headphone jack 3.5 mm was for the port of Blitz and a new set of headphones with Rayo Grundtelefone. What also comes with a dongle adapter, with the user using new devices with their 3.5 mm headphones to continue. However, the series of audio headphones not iPhone configuration 7 has also been updated; This is the first set of iPhone devices with stereo speakers!

In addition, Apple has also developed a series of “airpods” wireless allowing you to get free headphones with full cable. The airpods have a battery life of 24 hours, and without a button, the configuration is synchronized with iCloud between the devices. They use a dedicated chip W1 wireless audio, while the built-in infrared sensors detect when put in their ears. Movement of the accelerometers recognize Touch Siri and Voice Acceleration Sensor, improve voice calls and activate orders. It will be shipped in October and costs $ 159.

Iphone 7 Plus Review: Battery :

iPhone 7 Plus Review Battery Life

There is a 2900 mAh battery inside 7 plus, which is seen by 1960 mAh battery in the smallest model a big leap. Endure could be something like an employment with the standard iPhone 7, but this is not the case with the plus model – even at the end of the day, our test kit still had juice in the tank and they were able to push much more In terms of games, watching movies and surfing the Internet.

Iphone 7 Plus Review: Conclusion :

If you need to buy an iPhone in 2016, the iPhone 7 Plus is the model used. The standard model of the iPhone 7 is only, well … disappointing on too many fronts. The battery power is not very large, the screen faded compared to Android alternatives cheaper and it lacks main USP of iPhone 7 Plus “dual-lens camera.

For this reason, we can not recommend the iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus. The plus model, as always, is far superior to model. But you will have to pay a premium to these benefits for access – and also use a to phone.

Then there is the case of whether or not to update. If you use an iPhone 6s, I would say 100% to the release of Apple, 2017. Nothing too new to be massively stimulated here. This is an iPhone and it works very well as the iPhone 6 before. I did not see any big USP of the phone you did not get elsewhere for less.

I tend to use iPhones, sometimes I have the iPhone 4, iPhone 5s iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone OS, but have no desire to use the iPhone 7 iPhone 7 or more. Instead, I’m waiting for the model next year, and filling the gap with great Google Pixel XL.

You can feel different, and you use an older iPhone – for example, the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 – then when an update is slightly different. If you use an older iPhone model in case of an upgrade is strong – you will notice the difference. For all, keeping from 2017 however will be really great!