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With iPad Air 2, still a sweetheart device, Apple is working hard on the iPad Air 3 as expectations are on its peaks regards to this amazing device. The rumors regard to specifications and features of this wonderful upcoming device are in full swing and it is expected that the new installment of this amazingly wonderful device would be a masterpiece.

The coolest thing about iPad Air 3 is A9 processor that undoubtedly will spice up the features and specifications of this device. The best part of A9 processors is its compact size, fast speed and above all mind-blowing efficiency.

Well, it is true beyond the shadow of doubt that the new crispy 9.7 inch display with Touch ID feature that iPad Air 3 is rumored to feature would spice things up for you. Moreover, the screen resolution of 2334 x 3112 pixels is something beyond expectations.

One of the spell-binding features of iPad Air 3 will be daylight visibility and lots of improvement as compared to other iPhone devices and also its predecessors is observed. The improvement of daylight visibility would obviously be of great benefit to professionals.

As far as the operation is concerned, iPad Air 3 is more likely to operate on iOS 9 and with the passage of time, be eligible for upgrades.

In order to spice things up for you, iPad Air 3 would be available in three different color options i.e. Gold, silver and grey and thus making choice of colors more amazing.

Let’s see as to how much does this new device attracts folks’ attention.


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