(Credits : 9to5mac.com)

The most anticipated and talked about OS these days is the newest version of iOS i.e., iOS 9.3. It has been hardly a week that the OS was released and so far the OS is running successfully and being appreciated for its extraordinary features. The coolest thing about the newest OS is the inclusion of new features that has made things really worked out for folks.

Something really extraordinary about this OS update for iPhone and iPad is that it will help the devices in knowing that when it is night time, and also as when to turn off the blue parts of the light coming from the screen. Furthermore, iOS 9.3 will also use the device’s clock and also the location in order to tell you as to when will the sun set. This thing will shift the colors towards the warmer end of the light spectrum and thus making screen adjustable after the sunset.

As far as the application of this app in the morning is concerned, you will be amazed to know that the screen will move back towards the blue end of the spectrum and also which unlikely notice the feature.

Apart from the mesmerizing app, iOS 9.3 also brings with itself some other improvements as well such lock info in the Notes app that can be accessed with a fingerprint. Moreover, the inclusion of some new health features would also add some extra information that has to be shown within that app.

 So far, the OS is receiving huge acclaim and let’s see as to how things go in the next few weeks and months.



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