Apple iOS 10
(Credits : Youtube)

Statistics gathered by Mixpanel shows that more than 50 percent of compatible devices have already switched over to Apple iOS 10, this is indeed a great foot for the latest iOS as it has already surpassed its predecessor the Apple iOS 9 after only two weeks of availability.

Mixpanel says that after tracking compiled statistics, they have found that 55.29 percent of compatible phones are now running on Apple iOS 10 as of Friday, and its counterpart, the Apple iOS 9 has only 43.8 percent. This was recorded two days after Apple iOS 10 surpassed the Apple iOS 9 as the most used iOS on compatible devices.

Another research firm, the AppLovin, recorded a different score but is overall the same message. AppLovin states that Apple iOS 10 is currently powering 55 percent of compatible phones within the United States.

Apple iOS 10 did not disappoint, since, like most of major Apple software, it only takes a brief period for it to be adopted by users. Initial figures say that the adoption of the Apple iOS 10 was already at 14 percent after merely 24 hours of being released, and a week later, the figured bloomed into a whopping one-third of the population of compatible devices.

Apple themselves, however, have not released any statistics regarding the adoption of their latest iOS. It is quite unusual since Apple regularly provides updates via their developer support web page, however, for now, they have yet to provide any. The last update on the said site was a day before the Apple iOS 10 was released.


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