iOS 10 Jailbreak

Is the iOS 10 jailbreak similar to iPhone 7? Well, the video that streamed on YouTube recently illuminated features that are identical to the features endowed by iPhone 7. This just happened 14 days before the Apple Company could release the iPhone 7 into the market.

Is the iOS 10 beta a counterfeit?

A majority of the developers believe that iOS 10 beta was cracked to contain features similar to iPhone 7. According to the clip that runs across YouTube channels, it was evident that iOS 10 betas were being groomed to contain the 8-jailbreak for a 64-bit device. Luca Todesco, who was the developer of the cracked device, published it on 5th September to allow the public to vet his iOS 10 beta jailbreak. However, he is reluctant to let the device to the market for fear of being held accountable.

According to the video released, it depicted collaboration between iOS 10 jailbreaks and Apple Company. Besides, it revealed how the device was going to use the OS developed by Apple on its A7 processor. In his remarks, Todesco says that if the iOS 10 can be given the Apple kernel, it would get jailbroken. Todesco is not the only hacker targeting the Apple Company, recently, another group of hackers found the security threats to iOS 10 just before its OS as released. Well, this shows that some developers are trying by all means to tap the prowess of the Apple firm.

Is the iOS 10 jailbreak coming soon to the market?

Many prospect clients are eager and yearning for the release of the iOS 10 jailbreak. This has been triggered by the recent demoed by Pangu security team. There are signs that the latest OS by Apple has been tapped, and new gadgets are soon flooding the market with the said OS.


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