iOS 10 Jailbreak

This launch was so fast that hacker; Pangu didn’t get time to make a break for it. This up gradation is compatible with iPhone 5, iPad 2, mini, its Pro family 6th generation and later ones. The new version of iOS 10.0.1 is much less in size than its previous version of iOS 10. Forbes explained that the upgrade version iOS 10.0.1 is 25MB to a maximum of 60MB. The size of update varies from device to device.

As this update was so quick, it doesn’t include any significant changes from iOS 10. The major characteristic of iOS 10.0.1 is that it contains some bugs and security fixes. Like stopping ‘Hey Siri’ request, improving VoLTE, solve issue of Apple Bluetooth and its watch connectivity, updating camera and contacts applications. Talking about Pangu, the jailbreaking group; it was successful in breaking iOS 10 during the testing process, but now this new version iOS 10.0.1 has made certain limitation and restrictions on its entrance spots. The silence from Pangu group doesn’t mean that they are unable to break this operating system, in some cases, it takes the time to go for detail breaking of the system.

Coming towards the reasons why jail breaking is necessary for iPhone’s operating system. There are many reasons including downloading different games, unlocking devices, getting different apps that are not available exclusively from play store. But if anyone wants to stop jailbreak, then it is also possible. If Apple is continuously updating its version than of course, jail breaking group, Pangu has a lot of stuff to do in future.

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