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Apple has several new plans for new smartphone series in coming year. According to rumors, apple is going to launch 3 mobile phones in coming year.Ever wonder who’s powering this never ending circle of demand and supply of iPhone series.

Well, it’s mobile networks. Mobile network suppliers have identified the need for uninterrupted iPhone series and used that to break into the untapped market for selling mobile devices. Networks have established a system of contracts, where the users get both the service of the network and the device from the same provider for a monthly fee.

Most of these contracts last for 12 or 24 months. So unlike any other tech, iPhone series need to be updated often, and that need for new products is what’s making the market so competitive. And it’s not just about the volume;Apple needs to make their flagships more attractive to customers by offering constant changes and advancement in features.

This kind of market is just as big of a challenge for any OEM. From what we can see, the most effective thing to do seems to be to constantly develop new smartphones. Although a vast majority of the public doesn’t realize it, it’s all just a matter of planning. OEM’s almost always have a couple of generations of smartphones planned ahead, with a well-oiled machinery of research and development departments working on producing one after the other.

IPhone series are the ones that enable and fuel this demand, and rest assured that when you buy that new high-end flagship, at least a few of his successors have already got past the drawing board.

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