iPhone 7
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IPhone 7 and 7 Plus in on the way and will be in town on September and every tech lover is waiting for it (both who loves Apple and who hates Apple). Much information related to release date, pre-order and retail sales have been spread over the internet and even some famous people, such as the famous tipster Evan Blass has confirmed the sale date on September 16th.

People may pre-orders the new handsets on September 9th, and if you aim to pre-order the new larger capacity iPhone or fall in love with the rumored electric blue version, I would suggest you grabbing it as fast as you can and I wish you luck, as the stocks are usually out at launch.

The date when Tim Cook’s on stage and introduces the new iPhones is expected to be September 7th.

Pop star spotted with iPhone 7

It was Jimmy Lin, again, the Taiwanese pop star who has never missed a chance to show off himself with his new iPhone – before the release date (Well, he forgot the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but as they are too similar to the iPhone 6, so maybe, he was not interested). I always wonder how he can keep the habit of publishing the secret of Apple on Twitter every year without being stopped once.

This time, a picture of Lin was captured inside a café with his new phone, matching exactly with the rumored iPhone 7, which has been leaked over the internet for months. In his hand was the iPhone 6 with new instantly recognizable dual camera system, which might be whether a terrible Apple’s design or a most welcome upgrade.

Annoying touchscreen error on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Everyone who loves technology once heard the name of iFixit, the team of professional engineers who enjoys carefully break latest tech devices into parts then try to repair it and rate how much difficult to fix one. They have studied and commented on the recent annoying errors of iPhone 6 and 6 plus, in which people find that their touch screen not working or a mysterious gray bar appears at the top of their display.

“The error is not in the touchscreen, but in two of the touchscreen controller chips on the logic board of the smartphones”.

The team claims that these were flaws in the hardware design of Apple. Apple has moved these controller chips to a new location, which leads to the problem that they are easy to be leveraged from the logic board. The Apple warranty team has not been trained to deal with this advanced problem; therefore, even if they try to replace the touch screen, the errors will obviously appear again.


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