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The hype about iPhone 7 is reaching new extremes and that is why it would not be an over-estimation to say that the new iPhone 7 can be the most universal phenomena. There have already been so many rumors about its new features and that is why, the phenomenon has gone so wild. Some new updates are going to make some more hype about iPhone 7 and that is why, we are expecting, iPhone 7 is going to be the best technological wonder.

The new buzz that iPhone would be completely free from home button has created so much hype and users are of the opinion that this is going to be the best technological advancement that anyone has heard of. Moreover, the bezel-free screen that we already observed in case of Apple Watch is going to make iPhone 7 a sweetheart device. In addition, the top to bottom home-screen and with no extra space is an amazing offering.

Moreover, iPhone 7 is also expected to have the best battery that would keep critics mouth shut as the timing will get improved even more.

The most fabulous inclusion is the wireless charging that will surely make iPhone the most noticeable and prominent device. Here, it would be worth-mentioning that wireless charging has also been trued by other companies, but in the case of Apple, we are expecting even more prominence.


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