Apple’s first smart speaker business is not going as the company has planned. The company is now lowering the HomePod sales forecast and cutting the orders for the device on the back of weak demand.

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple cut the HomePod orders from the manufacturer Inventec in late March, and this cut comes after the release of the speaker in less than two months after it hit the stores. The HomePod is said to go on sale in December during the holiday shopping season but unfortunately delayed on last year. The device goes on sale in the month of January and it captured one-third of the smart speaker market as the Slice Intelligence status report said.

The sales of Apple HomePod goes on dipping by the time HomePod reached Apple store in the month of February. In the first 10 weeks of sales, HomePod accounted for about 10 percent of the smart speaker market in contrast to Amazon’s 73 percent share. Apple has however outperformed by Google, as it took a 14 percent market share with Google’s Home devices as stated by Slice.

The previous reports said about the overwhelming HomePod demand which was surfaced last month, claim by Apple that the company was looking to churn out 6 to 7 million units in the first production run. The report that was revealed today said that it failed to specify Apple’s sales expectations for HomePod and it doesn’t assign a figure about the order reduction.

Apple has unveiled the $349 HomePod at WWDC during the last June and calls the device a “breakthrough home speaker” which grant permission to Siri Virtual Assistant in user’s homes. The acoustic system which is powered by an array of microphones, beamforming tweeters, and advanced software algorithms. According to the reviews which include AppleInsider ’s, says that HomePod is the best sounding smart speakers on the market but Siri lacks the capabilities which are exhibited by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.


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