(Credits : Stupiddope.com)

The decision to plunge into the car industry has been a shocking one and that is why an insane amount of fervor has been witnessed regards to Apple Car. The news in the middle is that Apple Car would be the most advanced technology car that would make fans mesmerizing.   

The recent hiring from Nvidia has brought a new array of discussion. According to reports, the hired employee was the key person in Drive PX technology. Moreover, the company has also hired the expert specifically for camera-based autopilot system and if successful, the car industry would be taken by storm. Apart from this hiring, Aple also as taken so many employees from Tesla, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler and one can easily get the view as to how much advance this technological wonder would be.  

Some of the technology critics are of the opinion that Apple should not step into car industry right now and should give it some time. Apple is still under immense pressure for its diverse phones and tablets offering and thus opening new grounds can make things difficult to cope up with.


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