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With Apple TV and Apple watch already stealing the show, Apple has decided to step into the car industry. The news has turned out to be rather a strange one, as Apple Car is completely a change of expertise. Moreover, it is believed that Apple TV would undoubtedly be the fascinating invention because of the preparations regarding manufacturing.

Although, there are so many updates, yet the latest hiring from Nvidia is making the headlines and the expert was involved in deep learning named Cohen was involved in Drive PX technology. The company has hired the expert specifically for camera-based autopilot system that would take the car industry by storm.

Furthermore, the company has also hired a vast number of employees from iconic names such as Tesla, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler and keeping an impression that Apple car would undoubtedly be something extraordinary.

There are also some experts who are criticizing Apple decision of stepping into the car industry, however, the fact remains that the stepping of Apple into every industry make it a legendary tale.

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