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Given the recent rumors around a 256 GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus, more than double the previous iPhones largest storage amount (128gb), it’s an unusual move

What makes the move interesting is hidden within the math:

Previously, Apple’s largest tier of online storage was limited to 1TB. Mathematically speaking, this was (roughly) 8x larger than the largest iPhone device’s storage. This looks like – 128 GB: (1024/128 = 8). When you consider the rumors of a new 256GB iPhone SKU – a 2TB iCloud storage plan makes sense! Especially with how well it maintains this 8x ratio – (2048/256 = 8). That’s a ratio I can get behind!

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Sure enough, this is conjecture at best based on a historical precedent. It’s certainly not a guaranteed formula. Apple already has 256GB iPads for sale, keep that in mind. Alongside this, the next iPhone will start at a minimum size of 32GB.

What else? MacOS Sierra’s newest feature allows Desktop and Document folders to live on your iCloud Drive. Much like Dropbox or Google Drive, in our modern world of cloud storage, this is an absolute must. See the video below where this feature is highlighted. Keep in mind this function can consume quite a chunk of storage.

Apple also has the following plans available:

• 5GB for free
• 50GB for $0.99
• 200GB for $2.99
• 1TB for $9.99
• 2TB for $20/mo

The iCloud Storage Plans & Pricing Pages were updated today to reflect the new storage tier.


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