(Credits : appleinsider.com)

Apple has been known for filing new patents with the Patent and Trademark Office whenever a new release from Apple is on the offing. The recent filing of New Smart Strap at the Patent and Trademark office has created huge buzz about Apple is more likely to win laurels for it. The coolest thing about this patent is that it describes a new Apple device with an outstanding wearable strap and also a woven fine fabric that is capable of acting as a display.

The coolest thing about the patent is that it holds evidence that the smart strap can be a stand-alone device, with its own chipset and the mesmerizing thing is that it will lack a power source. Moreover, the coolest thing is that the Apple smart strap would be the coolest one as far as displaying the information is concerned.

Although, the patent is still in the process of development and there is a lot of research going on, still, we can expect that Apple would work things out in the best way and this patent would define the Apple Watch phenomenon to new levels. Let’s when Apple is going to spill the beans regards to this new patent. With Apple, the phenomenon of wearable technology is already on its peaks and with some more in the future, Apple can turn out to be the industry leader in wearable more likely.



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