Antoine Vaillant Started His Preparation For The Upcoming Toronto Pro Show

Antoine Vaillant is a great bodybuilder with thousands of fans. He has looked impressively since the beginning of his professional competing, however, it’s still hard to call his bodybuilding career a very successful.

Perhaps, his biggest achievements are still on the way and we will soon witness some great victories of the sportsman. At least, looking at Antoine’s physique now it’s easy to believe he is worth being on the top!

It seems like the victory of Shawn Rhoden who managed to change the whole Olympia game last year, became an inspiration for Vaillant and made him work especially hard this year.

Now the sportsman is preparing for taking part in Toronto Pro Show. The event will be held in five weeks and the presence of some great sportsmen is expected. Perhaps, Antoine Vaillant has a great chance to look more impressive than anyone else there.

Now the bodybuilder is cutting down the water and fat to look more lean and shredded. He has already impressed his followers some posing pictures and videos on his Instagram.

Sports experts have already called Antoine Vaillant one of the possible candidates for the victory at the Olympia contest this year.

Antoine Vaillant Instagram @antoinev87

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