Monday, November 29, 2021

Antoine Vaillant May Miss His Chance To Take Part In The Olympia Contest Due to His Torn Biceps

Antoine Vaillant is having a very difficult time now. Only a few weeks ago the sportsman amazed his fans with his incredible physique and massive muscles. The sportsman was actively preparing for the upcoming Toronto Pro show.

Antoine hoped to look incredibly massive posing at the show. He also planned for taking part in the Olympia contest this year. However, all his planes can be ruined now due to a serious arm injury. Perhaps, the sportsman was training too hard that led to a trauma.

The sportsman was hospitalized with severe pain in his arm. While doctors still need some more time to tell the exact diagnosis, it’s already understandable that the sportsman’s biceps is torn. Vaillant is expecting doctors to say how bad the trauma is and how much time the sportsman may need to recover.

Such an injury can be a serious problem for the bodybuilder’s health. Moreover, it can become a serious obstacle for reaching a great result in the professional contest in the nearest years.

At the same time, Vaillant still has a chance to return to the sport soon. Some of his colleagues have already commented on the situation and supported Vaillant with warm words. The sports expert Dennis James is one of those who believe that the health issue can’t stop Vaillant from becoming a very successful sportsman, however, the current problem may become a reason for a delay in the sportsman’s career.


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