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Dutch star (Anouk) is become most successful rocker and songwriter and even she gets much achievements in the field of singing in Europe. She gets inherited music by her mother. In the early stage of success she gives her performance in the age of fifteen and sang in wedding parties with Shotgun wedding band. After she was 18 she had linked with the local group R&B but leaves it soon and goes for the Music Academy.  In the same year her husband introduced her to Golden earring and makes many songs each other. Anouk’s style is known as a combination of Melissa and Joan Osborne. The melodious girls have much fame in her field by her pop/rock sound.

She has eight studio albums which has amazing fame in all over the world even her native land. Every of her album has got success and make her name up in her field. Her explosive rock songs have special space in the heart of her fans. She has got breakthrough in 1997 by “Nobody’s Wife” as solo singer. And also have many singles like “Michel”, “Lost”, “Girl”, “Three days in a row” “Women” and “modern world”. She got married with her manger Edwin Jansen until 1998 and after she has to married with Remon Stotijn and has four children. She always does experiments with her soulful voice with funk and hip hop. With her second gloomiest rock album “Graduated fool” was taken her career so far.

The most recent album of her is “being Paradise and Back Again”, which has released on 24 November 2014. She has ruined her life with drugs in her teenage but got survived with this circumstance so soon. With her successful profession in music she got much awards in single or group performances.

The “Queen for a Day” is the latest album of Anouk (Dutch singer) is released on 4th march. Her quality voice has the values for her lovers and she has become more popular in her natives. The Dutch songwriter always does quality work even in this album you have to comprehend the quality music and the romantic lyrics are used in this album’s songs as she know the demand of her fans. At this time, once again she catch the attention of her admirers by giving them excellence or emotional work.

In her latest album she tries to give her best recital in songs with full of emotions, romance and love. This is also seemed like the big breakthrough for her career. Here you can download complete album of “Queen for the Day” and we hope you enjoyed a lot with her soulful voice. You can also listen online.

Track List of Anouk’s Album “Queen for the Day”:

  1. Run Away Together
  2. If I know
  3. New day
  4. Not a Love song
  5. Dirty Girl
  6. Wanna little girl something
  7. We Are
  8. Keeps getting better
  9. Be My Baby
  10. Castles in the Air
  11. Right on Time

You can Listen, Stream and download from iTunes


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