Thursday, June 30, 2022

Another Steroid Scandal: A Young Bodybuilder Could Lose His Leg Because of a Steroid Injection

If you ask any bodybuilder about the main ways to become a great sportsman, you may hear that the most important things are eating well and training hard. However, not only high-protein meals and often workouts are used on the way to success, but also steroids.

While being forbidden in many sports, steroids are often taken by bodybuilders. The rules of the sport don’t forbid taking any steroids, doping or other drugs, letting sportsmen decide how to reach the great physique and what to use for that.

The topic of steroids is becoming more and more controversial. Some sportsmen say that they are against steroids as they can be harmful to health. Others think it’s simply unfair to judge those who are trying to get excellent physique eating some boiled chicken and baked salmon and those who use steroids by the same rules and standards.

There are also those who say that steroids can’t harm anyone’s health if taking them wisely and control the body reaction. Some bodybuilders tell their fans that power of steroids is not as great as many people think. For example, one of the most famous world’s bodybuilders Kai Greene told that those sportsmen who took steroids and those who did not had nearly equal chances to win professional competitions.

If just a few years ago a steroid topic was a kind of taboo, now more and more sportsmen speak about it openly. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders have had some negative experience, taking steroids. In most cases, the side effects of taking steroids were not very dangerous and could be easily treated or disappeared soon after the sportsmen stopped taking steroids.

However, there are also cases that make sportsmen think twice before taking steroids. One of the scariest scandals connected to taking steroids happened recently. The sportsman that is famous in Thailand with a nickname Dan the Bodybuilder told he could lose his leg after taking a steroid injection.

Dan is not a professional bodybuilder and has never appeared on the Olympia stage. However, the sportsman has spent many years making his body look close to the sport’s standards. The bodybuilding society knows Dan for his posts and videos with lots of useful information and effective tips. Dan has always been glad to share some recommendations that have helped many people to set a great training program and an effective diet.

Dan has never hidden his pro-steroid position until the very unpleasant situation changed his mind. Recently Dan got an infection after a steroid injection. The sportsman asked for medical help immediately, however, the situation became too serious and doctors told he could lose his leg because of the developing disease.

The sportsman had to undergo a surgery to save his leg. Now it looks like the worse things are left behind. The bodybuilder managed to keep his leg. He also made a video describing his current feelings and telling how the situation could be avoided.

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