Annie Thorrisdottir, an elite CrossFit athlete, announced yesterday that she’d be withdrawing from Dubai CrossFit Championship. The reason for it is the heart arrhythmia surgery she underwent recently. Annie stated on her Instagram, “I can’t wait to visit Dubai and all the amazing people there in just 2 days! I have been competing at the Dubai Fitness Championships almost every year since 2013 — I absolutely love going there and it’s always been such a fun event of the season. 

It breaks my heart, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to compete this year. I got the opportunity to have the surgery/threading done for my arrhythmia and felt like I had to go for it for a more successful season. It was supposed to be one week away from training, but unfortunately it’s now been 10 days and it is just taking a little longer to heal up. I’m still for sure going to Dubai this year, though!”

Meanwhile, more workouts have been shared on the Dubai CrossFit Championships Instagram page for the three days competition.

However, they have shared not every workout in a linear order and have skipped some of them.

Dubai CrossFit Championship Events

Event 1: 21 — 15 — 9

  • Dual Kettlebell Snatch 24kg/16kg
  • Dual Kettlebell Front Squat 24kg/16kg
  • Swim 350 meters

Score: For time, and the winner gets 100 points for a first-place finish.

Event 3: 4 x 4

  • 4k Run With 5.11 Tactical Vest
  • 4K Run Without Vest

Score: For time, 100 points.

Event 4: Max Snatch

  • Max snatch in kilograms

Score: 100 points.

Event 7: Gymnasty

  • 9 Rope Climbs
  • 40m Handstand Walk
  • 6 Rope Climbs
  • 40m Handstand Walk
  • 3 Rope Climbs
  • 40m Handstand Walk

Score: For time, 100 points.

The Dubai CrossFit Championship starts on December 12th and will last till December 15th. You can enjoy the live stream on their website and watch the most interesting events and competitions on their YouTube channel.



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