Angie Barwise was again down with flu during the holidays.

Few days after Christmas, Texas mother who was 58 years old and grandmother was diagnosed with influenza, along with bronchitis and strep, her family told Fox affiliate KDFW.

Doctors firstly prescribed her with antibiotics and Tamiflu, an antiviral medication worked to treat the flu, and, just after that, she began to jump back there again. But just after a month or so, her family stated, Angie Barwise was in the emergency room — this time, with a different strain of the virus.

After knocking down the flu already, Barwise was fighting the flu all over again.

Angie’s husband, Greg Barwise, said KDFW that his wife’s fever was very tough to handle. “Every 4½ hours,” her husband said, “we’d have to give her medicine to get the fever down.”

Her husband said that he took Angie to an emergency room on January 31st near their place in Fort Worth. Doctors governed tests and then sent them back home. But the very next day, he told, he was told to bring his wife back to the hospital.

“They called me at 2:30 and said, ‘Oh, you need to get her back up here,’ ” husband Barwise told CBS DFW, adding this to that he was told there was something in his wife’s bloodwork.
On this Saturday — a week after her second fight with the flu — she died.

“I left for just a few minutes — I thought everything was going to be okay,” Greg Barwise told CBS DFW. That’s when, he said, “I got a phone call that she had just passed.”

Greg Barwise told KDFW that their family is destroyed.

“She’s a wonderful wife, a wonderful mother, and wonderful daughter,” her husband answered.

The CDC has stated on the weekend, 2nd of February, the agency underwent records of 10 kids dying of influenza and related complications. In entirety, the agency announced, a total number of 63 children are dead during the current flu season.

Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s acting director, said during a news conference that “this does not mean we’re having a pandemic. But it is a signal of how very intense the flu season has been. We may be on track to break some recent records.”

Barwise, who is survived by her husband, children, and 13 grandchildren, was a “loving mother, grandmother, and daughter,” according to her obituary. Her memorial service is Friday in Fort Worth.

“I’ve outlived my own daughter,” Eileen Smith, Barwise’s mother, told KDFW. “I’m 83 years old, and I’ve outlived her. It shouldn’t be that way.”