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Reports say that Angelina Jolie Turns To Johnny Depp After Divorce with her husband Brad Pitt. Jolie’s move to turn to her old friend and ‘The Tourist’ co-star Johnny Depp was actually suggested by the divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser to help Jolie with this new phase in her life and career.

Fans are definitely aware that the two stars from the movie ‘The Tourist’ have absolutely no chemistry. The truth is that Jolie just has a deep admiration towards her Depp and sees him more of as an idol than anything else. However, Jolie was reported to have been tempted by Depp during the filming as she hinted that fidelity was not important. But thanks to their partners at the time being ever present on the set of The Tourist, namely Brad Pitt and Vanessa Paradis, the relationship between the two had no opportunity to actually blossom into something else.

The same situation was actually observed during the time Depp was going through a divorce with Amber Heard. Rumors did spread that Jolie consoled Depp during this hard phase in the actor’s life and now Depp is simply returning the favor. Though some may say that Depp had something to do with the split between Angelina and Brad.

Other reports say that while the marriage was still intact, Jolie was linked to Depp, but in return, Pitt was involved with Gwyneth Paltrow. But in this case, rumors were just rumors. More accurately, the divorce was actually rooted on how Pitt had treated their eldest child, Maddox. It seems that Brad abused their child physically and verbally, and Angelina would not have any of it.  Moreover, Pitt was reported to have an affair with Marion Cotillard and is actually facing charges that claim the star is under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs.

That being said, it merely seems that Depp is consoling Angelina as a friend as she faces the hard battle to going custody of their children, as we all know, Jolie wants full custody of all their children.


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