Android vs. iOS
(Credits : Youtube)

Android vs. iOS is what very smartphone lovers what’s to know. Android with the ability to get down on your phone, customizing general features from top to bottom and iOS with its uniform design elements and user-friendly experience it provides users with simplicity, turn on any Apple device and enjoy the exact experience. Nonetheless, none can be awarded the best yet. But when it comes to statistical analysis of both the operating systems newer updates, Apple seems to be far ahead when it comes to usage of its new updates.

Although iOS 10 had some problems in their recent updates when some users reported that it’s causing dropped connections and the Lighting Earpod is not working for some users as it was intended. Some even reported that their phones became unusable which Apple had to fix out almost immediately. These are all substandard issues for Apple, but there’s one particular area in which Apple surpasses its eternal rival “Android” and that is “adoption.”

Let me prove this point by a statistical comparison of the operating systems.

More than 34% iOS devices are running the latest update. By contrast, only 0.1% are using the latest update for Android, 7.0 Nougat. The question is why such a difference? Well, the answer is simple. Apple approach to business gives them more control of the devices their iOS operates on, providing its users a more reliable experience. This comparison doesn’t prove that iOS is better than Android but just shows us how both of them target their customers. So that’s one area where Android developers have to work on.


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