Various opinions regarding the ongoing argument on which is better, Android vs Apple, has been spreading across the internet. A group of analysts believe that the newest iPhone model is boring and some may say that this is because those analysts are looking at the new model through the eyes of a person who already has an iPhone. That being said, a user of the iPhone 6s will always overlook a few major improvement in features because of being used to the previous iPhone 5S.

However some people who are part of the battle – Android vs Apple have actually switched camps. It is known that not all new iPhone users have used iPhones before, some are fresh transferees from the Android camp. To support this, Tim Cook has mentioned that there is a rapidly growing percentage of android users switching over to Apple every four months.


In a recent Reddit thread, a former Android user who owned a Nexus 6P has made the decision to switch over to Apple. For this user, the winner of the Android vs Apple battle is indeed Apple.

The ex-Android user finds that the iPhone 7 is built in a beautiful and reliable way, it feels sleek and sturdy and you just know that it is of high quality. Moreover, this user finds that the buttons are very firm especially when compared to the user’s retired Nexus 6P. However, the user was balanced in his opinions and mentioned that in terms of speaker quality, Nexus 6P beats Apple’s newest model. Other than that, the user also mentioned that in terms of keyboard prediction and auto correction, Google is still ahead in this aspect.



  1. I thought that there was pretty well equal amounts of people shifting between the two OS’s, which is why Apples market share never really improves?
    It is so subjective as to which one is best as both systems are geared towards different ways of using the devices. Apple is a single task powerhouse, Android is a multitasking powerhouse.


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