Android 7.1 Release Date
(Image : Youtube)

On Tuesday, October 11, Google has announced plans to release the Public beta and developer preview of Android 7.1 which is the first major update for Nougat to happen later this month as per The Verge. The said beta will already be available soon, and the first devices to benefit from it will, of course, be the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and the Pixel C tablet. While the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be launching on October 20, the two Google flagship phones will already be running Android 7.1 when it is shipped, so future Pixel owners will be getting the Android 7.1 fresh out of the box.

Moreover, the new Google flagships will be available by October 20 and will come with exclusive built-in features including the new Google Assistant, Pixel Camera, Pixel Launcher and 24/7 customer support all of which do are not included in the core Android 7.1 release. As per Google, the support for Nexus products will carry on in terms of software updates and customer service, however, if Nexus phones were always first in line for Android upgrades that is no longer the case.

As for those who are non-Pixel users, the new consumer-facing features in the Android 7.1 includes Night Light which is the Android counterpart of the iOS’s Night Shift feature. Moreover, there is also Daydream VR support and improvements made to touch and display responsiveness. There is now an option to add “app shortcuts” to their Android apps for Developers, this will let the user skip to a certain part or feature of the affected app from their home screen directly.


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