(Credits : silikonvadisi.tv)

The award for the best app of 2015 goes to Facebook Messenger for achieving yet another milestone of exceeding 800 million users. Facebook has made it habit to be in the hotlines these days. Another jaw-dropping achievement is truly an honor for Facebook and that is why, we can say that Facebook is completely stealing the show these days.

The astonishing Facebook Messenger was created as an unconnected app in 2014. Today, the app is enjoying huge repute and winning laurels by expanding in terms of more active monthly users compared to its arch rivals Snapchat and Viber.  Here, it is worth-mentioning that the chart-buster app i.e, WhatsApp with 900 million users is also owned by Facebook.

The first one to start the free concept of sending and receiving messages was WhatsApp. With the passage of time, the concept clicked and video calling, audio calling and some business services were introduced without any network charges. Moreover, so many apps got entered in this phenomenon and we are now seeing it as a well-established and fast-growing industry.

Moreover, we are also receiving reports that Facebook is planning to make money from ads on Messenger and the company is soon going to gear up for that. The awe-inspiring Facebook Messenger has also included so many features over the past few months that allow users to sign up without a Facebook account and also make payments, video calls and most importantly getting informed about their businesses.


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