(Credits : techgiri.com)

The users get amazed with every single rumor that make waves and that is why the fervor reaches to new levels with the passage of every single day. The Apple team is working really hard to make this phone a mind-blowing classic and that is why, every possible effort is made to hire new services, products, and patents.

The latest buzz about iPhone 7 reveals that the company is planning to integrate airbag protection into the iPhone 7. This announcement has made fans in awe and it is believed that the airbags will be included in the design of the handset. With Apple receiving complaints about the scratched displays, a need was felt to introduce a technology that say adios to these problems. Moreover, this wondrous technology would make iPhone 7 the safest phone in the history.

The coolest thing about the airbag technology is that it will have filing to describe these retractable inflatable buoyant tabs and will be embedded in every corner of the phone that will undoubtedly protect the device from any kind of mishaps. These airbags would serve the purpose of shock-absorbers and would help iPhone in confronting unexpected calamities.

Although sapphire crystal display offers amazing protection to iPhone, still the inclusion of this air bag technology would make things pretty amazing for users by providing mesmerizing protection.


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