The fans are indebted to Microsoft for the mesmerizing gadgets that Microsoft has produced for them. Finally, with the buzz reaching to its extremes, Microsoft has confirmed the release of Surface Mini tablet. The news was announced by the company’s corporate vice president in charge of devices according to whom, an unreleased version of the 7-inch tablet would soon be made available to the users.

The story of this fascinating device traced back two years back when Microsoft started to work on what would become the Surface Book laptop.

In the past, there were rumors that Microsoft would never confirmed the device’s existence and CEO Satya Nadella and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop once rumored to have canceled the launch.

Sources at Microsoft have confirmed that its decision not to ship a Surface device in a “new form factor” in its fourth-quarter earnings last year.

The launch being finally shaped and Mini had been kicking around Microsoft for years at that point, there was once possibly as an Xbox-branded gaming tablet. Furthermore, a month later, a Surface Pro 3 user manual let slip the Mini’s existence with the buzz of peripheral descriptions. Microsoft sources have further declared the earnings report for the last year.


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