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Anavar for Sale Online Warning – READ BEFORE YOU BUY!

If you have been looking for Anavar for sale online, you have probably noticed one thing: the price. When you go to purchase Anavar you are going to experience “sticker shock” and the reason is that Anavar is expensive, one of the most expensive supplements on the market for anabolic steroids. This just can’t be helped so if you want to use Anavar you’re going to feel it in your wallet. Because men require a lot more of it than women, it’s going to cost men more.

So use it wisely. Because the high price of Anavar is usually a worry, before buying you might want to know a few things. For females, Anavar really is the perfect steroid to use for any cycle. But for men, that’s not the case. Another consideration is the grade of the Anavar because this can make a huge difference in deciding if your hard-earned money is being spent wisely.

What Is Anavar?

Anavar is the well-known brand name for Oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid derived from DHT. Anavar is very mild when compared to other anabolic steroids, having lower than moderate androgenic properties. For men, Anavar will not be effective at all if they want to bulk up. It should not be used for bulking cycles. It just doesn’t have the ability to promote mass in men.

However, if Anavar is used off-season, any weight you gain will be purely lean tissue since Anavar doesn’t aromatize. In addition, it does promote a substantial increase in strength although this will not be accompanied by an increase in mass. Keep in mind that any benefit gained during a bulking cycle will require massive amounts of the steroid, and due to the cost of Anavar on sale online, it doesn’t really make sense to try using it for bulking up.

Taking Anavar during a Diet

For men, Anavar will be most useful when dieting. Using Oxandrolone during a diet will, to a large extent, preserve your strength and mass, which can be compromised or lost when restricting calories. Using Anavar while dieting will allow you to have the endurance to do the necessary training with your usual energy, and at the same time, maintain the mass you’ve been working so hard to build.

Used as a supplement, it will increase your rate of metabolism, which allows you to burn fat much more efficiently. When you reach your goal and you’re lean enough, you will enjoy a much harder and more defined physique, as this is one of the benefits of using Anavar.

Should Women Order Anavar Pills?

Although Anavar offers men no help in bulking up, women can definitely benefit from it during their bulking cycles. This is due to the fact that women are a lot more sensitive to this hormone, and women aren’t seeking the number of bulk men are, to begin with. For the female athlete, off-season and seeking to gain, Anavar provides a great solution.

While that is true for female performance athletes concerning the off-season, without question the best time for women to purchase Anavar is for a cutting cycle. This is also true for men, but women received an added benefit in that they do not require the quantity that men do. This is a very expensive steroid and since women do not need as much to get the desired results, they won’t hurt as much in their pocketbook.

Different Types Available Online

When deciding on which type of Anavar for sale you should get, you will have two choices:

  1. Human Grade (HG);
  2. Underground Grade (UG).

Human Grade Oxandrolone comes from a licensed and reputable pharmaceutical compounding company. When you buy an Underground Grade Oxandrolone you must keep in mind that an unlicensed underground laboratory manufactures it. There is no question that HG Anavar will cost more every time when compared to UG, and if saving money is a priority you will be drawn to a UG lab for Anavar. Even so, it will carry a heavy price tag, but you may be able to afford it.

You have to know that when considering the difference between HG and UG Anavar or HG and anything UG, you always have the problem of which UG facility to buy from. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of UG labs manufacturing pharmaceuticals, supplements, and compounds, and the overwhelming majority are making and selling bogus products that do not contain real Oxandrolone.

SAFETY WARNING: Anavar can cause serious side effects if used improperly. It is important to adhere to dosage instructions closely to prevent adverse reactions.

Avoid Fake Products

Because Anavar is so well known and popular there are plenty of counterfeiters out there for this highly desirable anabolic steroid. Of course, you don’t want a bogus product, and you certainly don’t want one you paid a fortune for either. There are many UG labs that do make and sell totally bogus Anavar among other things. The Anavar they make has hardly any if any steroidal hormone contained in it.

You may get an Oxandrolone tablet with extremely small amounts of the hormone and it will be impossible to determine the correct dosage. There’s another issue common among UG labs and that is they substitute products for sale. You may order Anavar and receive a low dose of Dianabol in the tablets. Because the raw powder that Dianabol is derived from is extremely inexpensive, UG labs do this to make more money.

Their reasoning is that low-dose pills of Dianabol sold to customers will still provide them with some of the steroidal hormones, and if they’re new to this, they won’t know the difference. This may not be harmful to men, however, they won’t get the benefits they were seeking. But for women, this is a disaster. Dianabol can be harmful as it can cause virilization as a side effect.

Cost of Purchasing Anavar Online

Without a doubt, human-grade Anavar can also be counterfeited as well. There are some very clever underground manufacturers out there who are doing this. The important thing is to find a reputable, honest supplier. If you’re able to do the research and locate one, you will find some very high-quality HG Anavar for sale but you’re going to pay through the nose for it. Most men will require a minimum of 50mg a day, but 80mg a day usage is very common. When you figure that 10mg tablets can cost $2 to $5 a piece, that can certainly add up.

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